WiFi Propagation example errors


I’m trying to execute example from Wifi Propagation, but I get errors:

 Error umpfack umfpack_zi_numeric  status  1
 Error umfpack_di_solve  status  1
  -- Solve : 
          min (-0.13597,-0.169774)  max (1,0.106414)

To run exampe I’m using docker image:

docker run -v $(pwd):/data freefem/freefem /bin/bash -c “cd /data; FreeFem++ /data/wifi.edp”
(I’m running it this way to change directory first and the run scrips to be able to save *.ps files in local directory)

One more thing, I had to change this part too to avoid errors:
cout << "Reflexion of walls : " << wallreflexion << “\n”;
cout << "Absorption of walls : " << wallabsorption << “\n”;

cout << "Reflexion of walls : " << wallreflexion[] << "\n";
cout << "Absorption of walls : " << wallabsorption[] << "\n";

Can anyone share working example? or guide me where to find errors?

Thank you for the help

I have do this correction,
print the min/max not the array

wifi.edp (2.2 KB)
an this example run on macOS .

You cn increase the verbosity to see all the step of umfpack, and/or change of linear system (load “MUMPS”)

Thank you, it works both on macOS and Docker container.