Can't create the solution for waveguide.edp

I’m trying to execute “waveguide.edp” example by FreeFem++ in Frederichecht github. But the solution only appears the image of cube mesh, and with the error: Error umpfack umfpack_zi_numeric status 1
Error umfpack_di_solve status 1.
How can I handle it and get the solution?
Thank you so much for your help!

Can you post your output? It looked like ir ran for me with or without ff-mpirun .
I did discover though reaidng the code that “m” in the medit windo dissplays
the data which was really cool- I was trying to use plot() lol.

Hello bro,
Attached is the output when I ran the c

ode. It seemingly created the cube mesh, not the solution :frowning:

at the end this line should execute and put up just a wireframe mesh.
I hit “m” in the window and got what looked like an E field pattern :slight_smile:
Click on the wireframe and type “m” maybe.

medit("real",Th,[real(Ex),real(Ey),real(Ez)]); // in the medit window press h=help, m=data!!^M

Thank you bro. But I got the picture like this. But it is only the mesh, right?

By the way, could you upload your output for this problem?

Thanks bro. I don’t know why, I only copied the code in github and ran, but I can’t get the result like this, only creating the mesh :frowning:

Posting text would be easier to read than a screenshot.

here is my text file.
script (20).log (8.5 KB)

Did you read it? The solver ran out of memory. Probably a low process
limit. I set mine lower to avoid hanging everything and set most solvers
to CG :slight_smile:

Could you send me the text code? the solution only shows the mesh.

from the linux or cygwin command line, type this and if it still fails
send the output of this command or again try changing the solver.

ulimit -Sv 1000000
ulimit -a