Umpfack error in heat conduction problem

i m trying to solve a problem of heat conduction and i use in first the umpfach solver but it give this error :
Error umpfack umfpack_di_numeric status 1
Error umfpack_di_solve status 1
version de medit ffmedit.exe -popen -filebin -addsol 1 Th
ā€“ Medit, Release 3.0a (Nov. 30, 2007)
Copyright (c) LJLL, 1999-2007.
compiled: Fri, Sep 04, 2020 2:13:16 AM (with ff++ 4.7).

medit with binary version of popen : mesh(es) and solution(s)
mesh_name= Th
Loading data file(s)
End of mesh
.sol: Dimension 3 (mesh)3 (lecture)1
Input seconds: 0.11


Building scene(s)
Creating scene 1
Loading default options
Scene seconds: 0.20

Rendering scene(s)

Total running seconds: 2.84
Thank you for using Medit.

this problem occurs only with i use p2 element type with a refined mesh .

thank you.

Add load "UMFPACK64" and try again.