Simple problem gives "Error umfpack_di_solve status -3"

Dear all,

I was able to solve successfully some problems in elasticity in 3D.
Mesh is extremely simple (a revolved square, so forming a ring).
However, as soon as I increase the number of nodes and elements, I get the error :

“Error umfpack_di_solve status -3”

I noticed that other users experienced the same issue but I was able to find no answers.
It cannot be a memory problem since I have RAM 32 Gb and Windows 10 64bit and the memory occupied by the solver is just a tiny fraction before it gives the error.

To understand the problem, I tried to repeat the Example “beam-3d.edp” that I find in the examples/3d subdirectory.
I replaced line 4 :

int[int] Nxyz=[20,5,5];

with the following:

int factor=4;
int[int] Nxyz=[20 * factor, 5 * factor, 5 * factor];

with factor up to 3.5 there is no crash, and very little memory occupation. However, it crashes with factor from 4 upwards, even if the number of elements and nodes is still very low.

Do you have any solution?
Many thanks in advance

Please search the forum before posting new posts, see Umpfack errors with periodic boundary and slightly large mesh in 3D problem - #2 by prj.