Include paths : which order?

Hello all !

One question about how paths are handled in “include” statements.

My freefem++.pref file contains this :
includepath += “./”
includepath += “/Users/fabred/StabFem_DEVELOP/StabFem/SOURCES_FREEFEM/INCLUDE/”

And my programs contain this:
include “SF_AutoInclude.idp”

The file “SF_Autoinclude.idp” may be either in the current path “./” or in the directory “/Users/fabred/StabFem_DEVELOP/StabFem/SOURCES_FREEFEM/INCLUDE/” . I want to use the one in the current directory if present or a default one in the other directory if not. This does not work, and freefem wants to use the default one in all case.

Can someone indicate me a rule that forces to look for include files in the current directory in priority ?