Using "-cd" option of command line

I see there is a “-cd” option which FreeFem++ command takes.
I think it means that FreeFem first cd into that directory and then runs. But I couldn’t figure out how to use it.

E.g. I have these files in /home/ar/code:
main.edp, mesh.idp
where main.edp includes mesh.idp

Now I want to run from say /home/ar/dir/. I tried:
FreeFem++ -cd …/main.edp

But didn’t work. Also tried other variants, no success.
What is the correct way to use -cd?

Well looked in the source and I think there is a bug in the file src/Graphics/getprog-unix.hpp , function:

int getprog(char* fn,int argc, char **argv)

It doesn’t handle the file name variable fn correctly. For example we call FreeFem++ -cd ../t.edp , then it cds to .. but doesn’t chop-off the directory and keeps the files name as ../t.edp which should be t.edp. So I added one line and it fixed the problem:

    if(i>0) {
        char *dir= new char [l+1];
        strcyp(fn,edpfilenamearg+i+1); // Add this line to fix
        int err=0;
            cout << " chdir '" << dir <<"'"<< endl;
        // FFCS: mingw64 API change

Could you please submit a pull request? Thanks in advance.

Sure, done :slightly_smiling_face: