FreeFEM Linux Mint 20.2

Hi all,
I’ve downloaded both FreeFEM and FreeFEM++ from software manager (which is where the .deb files lead to anyway) on Linux Mint 20.2. So far running FreeFEM++ does nothing (command not found). I wanted to download the IDE for FreeFEM (bullseye version) but was unsuccessful. I’m still a noob at Linux so it’ll be great if anyone can share their experiences

I attached what I got from the software manager. What should be the next steps? Thanks in advance.

hi Vicky,
these packages are very old actually, I guess that they should be like version 3.6 or 3.5. since Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution, I recommend you to build FreeFEM using the instruction for Ubuntu you can find here. you may also try to install the pre-built packages (the .deb files) that you can download from the release page. the instruction for installing the package is here.

forgot to say that FreeFEM doesn’t need any IDE. you can write your FF programs in any text editors like Atom (for which you can also find a couple of FF syntax highlighters), and run them in command line. previously, there was an old IDE-like program called FreeFem++-cs, but it was an editor with integrated viewer rather than an IDE. it was developed for FF 3.x, so it’s not possible to use it with newer versions.