Error on Ubuntu 20.04

i install on Ubuntu 20.04 FreeFem++ 3.61.1+dfsg1-5build using the command sudo apt-get install freefem++, but when i execute a code of FreeFem++, i have the error message: Instruction non permise (core dumped)
The CPU of my machine is: uname -a
Linux utilisateur-HP-Compaq-dx2400-Microtower-PC 5.4.0-47-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 4 19:50:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

So what i can do to resolve the problem? Please.


Latest version is 4.7. You are using 3.61.1, which is probably 5 year old. Remove this installation and use the .deb from GitHub.

please can you give me the method to instal it step by step? Beacause in synaptic, there are only 3.61.1 version.

Thank you in advance.

I guess this documentation to install the deb file or that if you want to compile it from source…

ok, so the solution is install the deb package!

Hi, i tried to apply the steps described on
but when i want to execute a FreeFem++ code, i receive a message asking me to install FreeFem++ and the only version available is 3.61.
There is a solution? Please.

hi. I guess you used the prefix install --prefix=/where/you/want/to/have/files/installed, right? most likely the executable are not in the search path… try something like

which FreeFem++

if you get nothing then you need to add the location where the binary files where installed to the search path. Hence you have to append the path where you installed freefem to the global variable $PATH. To do that
edit your profile files (the files .bashrc or .bash_profile in the home directory) then add a line

export PATH=$PATH:/where/you/want/to/have/files/installed/bin

alternatively you should find FreeFem by calling the absolute path to the executable


`hope this helps

we replace where/you/want/to/have/files/installed by home for example? Then the command is:
export PATH=$PATH:/home/bin

depends where you choose to install…