Error during download pacakges for v4.5 on Fedora

I ran the ./3rdparty/getall -a command and the download started but at the end these errors appeared:
ERROR2: INVALID MD5 for d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
ERROR2: INVALID MD5 for b8a8177c811ef6a232867d672ab416f3
ERROR2: INVALID MD5 for c22889eb79d571fb1e0e2be6fad2a410
And I cannot run the make command because of these errors.
What I can do now?
Thank you very much.

You are probably behind a firewall of some sort. You can get the appropriate package on an other machine and then copy/paste them (they are located in FreeFem-sources/3rdparty/pkg).