Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS ffglut can not run

Hello there. I get the following error after install FreeFem++ 4.7 on ubuntu 20.04.

It can not plot a picture. Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance.

You need to provide a plot to ffglut before saying it cannot run.
For example, could you see if the following file can be displayed?

$ ffglut file.edp

file.edp (41.0 KB)

Thanky you! I have run it, but it gives nothing!

Now I try to uninstall it and reinstall, it works. Many thanks.

you can add debuT option

fglut -vv /Users/hecht/Downloads/file.edp >~/Desktop/ffglut.edp

and the result file are : ffglut.edp (3.3 KB)

if the file is empty => ffglut is wrong …

Hi everyone,

First, let me thank you for the impressive work that FreeFem is.

I’m facing a similar issue with ffglut. When I try to run ffglut as you suggested a window opens but it freezes and then crashes with a segmentation fault error.

I tried unsuccessfully to installl FreeFem both from the deb package and compiling the sources directly.

Besides, I saw your answer on related topic (Compiles fine but no graphics in Freefem++ executable (V4) - #4 by frederichecht) but I didn’t manage to have an installation of FreeFem with ffglut working.

ffglut apart, FreeFem seems to work fine. Would there be any way to fix the installation of the visualisation plugin?


@xiaodizhang29 is there anything special you did for the re-installation?
I’m still facing issues with ffglut. It always returns segmentation fault when it tries to open a Window to display the visualisation.
The installation and the checks went fine.
For information the configuration part related to GLUT reads :

checking OpenGL/gl.h usability… no
checking OpenGL/gl.h presence… no
checking for OpenGL/gl.h… no
checking GL/gl.h usability… yes
checking GL/gl.h presence… yes
checking for GL/gl.h… yes
checking GLUT/glut.h usability… no
checking GLUT/glut.h presence… no
checking for GLUT/glut.h… no
checking GL/glut.h usability… yes
checking GL/glut.h presence… yes
checking for GL/glut.h… yes