Problem with plot in V 4.7


I installed the last version of FreeFem++ yesterday (V 4.7).
When I put a plot in my program no window appears any more to show the figure and the program stop running. Is there someone who could help me to fix this problem please?

Thank you.


did you use the option “with graphics”:

FreeFem++ -wg your-code.edp

Yes they gave me the same problem.

Do you think that’s a problem related to my Mac version (Catalina 10.15.6)?

Most probably. You are using a very recent Xcode version that (I think?) none of us, the developers, are using. We will see the same problem with the official release of Big Sur, I guess?

yes it is the last version 12.0

So there is no solution for that?

Not yet. Use savevtk + ParaView.

Ok! I will try that.
Thank you so much for your help.

I have this version and I have no real problem with Xcode 12 with ffglut

I have recompile ffglut to be sure
take any freefem++ example with graphic
in source dir src/nw

./FreeFem++ …/…/examples/tutorial/Laplace.edp -fglut /tmp/gg
./ffglut -v /tmp/gg

  • glutscreenscale 1 1280 720 1920 1080*
  • ffglut : 10*
  • fopen :/tmp/gg 0x7fff90791b60*
  • mode read = r*
  • GRead : nv 121 200 40*
  •  -- End of read: mesure = 1 border mesure 4*
  •  -- BuildAdj:0x7fa6fc52a8c0 nb Elememt 200 nb vertices 121*
      : nb adj  = 320 on border 40 nea = 3 nva = 2 nb no manifold border 0*
  •  -- Mesh2  (File *), d 2, n Tet 200, n Vtx 121 n Bord 40*
  • next is build 0x7fa6fc56e7f0 wait :0 -> 1 gwait = 0*
  •  on a lue le premier plot next plot: 0x7fa6fc56e7f0*
  •    ....*

Problem fixed!
Thank you for your help.