Compiles fine but no graphics in Freefem++ executable (V4)

I compile the new v4 with:
./configure --prefix=/media/ali/extra/install/ffm4.0 --enable-download --with-mpi=no --disable-generic --disable-system-blas --disable-system-umfpack --disable-mshmet --disable-pipe --disable-tetgen --disable-hips --disable-ipopt --disable-parmetis --disable-gmm --disable-nlopt --disable-parms --disable-pastix --disable-pipe --disable-scotch --disable-yams --disable-MMAP --disable-pardiso --disable-hpddm --disable-mmg3d CFLAGS=-march=native CXXFLAGS=-march=native FCFLAGS=-march=native FFLAGS=-march=native

No error, however the Freefem++ executable doesn’t show any plot and acts just like Freefem+±nw exec. I have been using these options for every release so far without any problems.

the reason is ffglut is not compile general

att the end of configure you have a message like:

     WARNING: you do not have the new grachics tools 
         because the configure do not find OpenGL, GLUT or pthread  developer stuff 
         read the README to find missing package  
         F. Hecht  ])
 to install missing package  under debian or ubuntu, try: sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev ])

for example;


Thanks, I don’t get the warning at the end of configure. Actually I have compiled v3.61 and it works fine. I think the best way is to attach the config.log. Unfortunately looks it’s not possible to attache a file to a post. Here is the summary I get at the end of config:

configure:22637:   freefem++ used  download : yes 
configure:22639: 	--  Dynamic load facility: yes 
configure:22641: 	--  ARPACK (eigen value): yes 
configure:22643: 	--  UMFPACK (sparse solver) yes 
configure:22645: 	--  BLAS yes 
configure:22647: 	--  with MPI             no
configure:22649: 		--  with PETSC no  / PETSC complex   no 
configure:22651: 		--  with hpddm  no (need MPI & c++11 :  yes ) 
configure:22653: 		--  with htool  no (need MPI & c++11 :  yes ) 
configure:22655: 	--  without libs  :  tetgen ipopt parmetis mmg3d mshmet gmm nlopt scotch yams pipe MMAP iohdf5 pardiso hpddm htool
configure:22657: 	--  without plugin:
configure:22661:     progs: FreeFem++-nw bamg cvmsh2   ffmedit ffglut 
configure:22721:       Please run "3rdparty/getall" to download all necessary packages before running make

the raison is ffglut v 4 is not compatible with version 3.xx due to surface element
so please install the new ffglt of version 4. to replace the old one.

Thanks, you mean the new version of freeglut? Right now I have freeglut3 installed which looks to be the latest version of the freeglut library.

No change the ffglut by the new version in src/nw/ffglut

MBP-FH5:ff-git hecht$ which ffglut


Worked, thanks! Also I tried the latest release of V4.2 and the problem is fixed