Compiles fine but no graphics in Freefem++ executable (V4)

(Ali Roustaei) #1

I compile the new v4 with:
./configure --prefix=/media/ali/extra/install/ffm4.0 --enable-download --with-mpi=no --disable-generic --disable-system-blas --disable-system-umfpack --disable-mshmet --disable-pipe --disable-tetgen --disable-hips --disable-ipopt --disable-parmetis --disable-gmm --disable-nlopt --disable-parms --disable-pastix --disable-pipe --disable-scotch --disable-yams --disable-MMAP --disable-pardiso --disable-hpddm --disable-mmg3d CFLAGS=-march=native CXXFLAGS=-march=native FCFLAGS=-march=native FFLAGS=-march=native

No error, however the Freefem++ executable doesn’t show any plot and acts just like Freefem+±nw exec. I have been using these options for every release so far without any problems.

(Frédéric Hecht) #2

the reason is ffglut is not compile general

att the end of configure you have a message like:

     WARNING: you do not have the new grachics tools 
         because the configure do not find OpenGL, GLUT or pthread  developer stuff 
         read the README to find missing package  
         F. Hecht  ])
 to install missing package  under debian or ubuntu, try: sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev ])

for example;


(Ali Roustaei) #3

Thanks, I don’t get the warning at the end of configure. Actually I have compiled v3.61 and it works fine. I think the best way is to attach the config.log. Unfortunately looks it’s not possible to attache a file to a post. Here is the summary I get at the end of config:

configure:22637:   freefem++ used  download : yes 
configure:22639: 	--  Dynamic load facility: yes 
configure:22641: 	--  ARPACK (eigen value): yes 
configure:22643: 	--  UMFPACK (sparse solver) yes 
configure:22645: 	--  BLAS yes 
configure:22647: 	--  with MPI             no
configure:22649: 		--  with PETSC no  / PETSC complex   no 
configure:22651: 		--  with hpddm  no (need MPI & c++11 :  yes ) 
configure:22653: 		--  with htool  no (need MPI & c++11 :  yes ) 
configure:22655: 	--  without libs  :  tetgen ipopt parmetis mmg3d mshmet gmm nlopt scotch yams pipe MMAP iohdf5 pardiso hpddm htool
configure:22657: 	--  without plugin:
configure:22661:     progs: FreeFem++-nw bamg cvmsh2   ffmedit ffglut 
configure:22721:       Please run "3rdparty/getall" to download all necessary packages before running make