Tanatloc release

Dear FreeFEM community,

We are very excited to release Tanatloc, a free & open source graphical interface for FreeFEM: https://tanatloc.com

Tanatloc is available on Linux, Windows and Mac through an electron app and docker containers.

What can I do with Tanatloc ?

  • Solve problems using the provided models (linear elasticity, Poisson, Navier-Stokes, etc.)

  • Add your own algorithms

    Open a feature request issue on Github or send them to contact@airthium.com for now, we are working on a code editor at the moment.

  • Solve locally or in the cloud via Rescale (contact us for a free academic access) / Qarnot (planned, let us know if you need it now) and soon via Slurm (it will be free)

How can I help improve the software ?

  • Post your issues, comments and feature request on Github or email us contact@airthium.com

  • Help us improve the code, especially if you know how to improve the webGL rendering (we use ThreeJS)

  • Help us build the world’s largest free database of physics models. Share your existing FreeFEM code with the community → feature request issue on Github, contact@airthium.com or via a post on this forum.

    Hopefully the process will be automated soon when the code editor is released

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