News from the StabFem project

Dear FF developers and users,

We are happy to announce a new release 3.9 of the StabFem project.

StabFem is a Matlab/Octave interface to FreeFem which allows to launch your programs, manipulate and plot your results, store your data in an indexed database for easy postprocessing, and eventually publish all your work on a dedicated website.
Initially developed for fluid instabiliy problems (hence the name), it has evolved into a generic interface which should allow to incorporate your own programs and adapt to your needs easily.

Please have a look at the website of the project !
=> StabFem

Novelties for this new release are:

  • Interface for time-stepping simulations was redesigned, allowing to monitor a large number of runs in interactive mode or in batch mode, and organise the results in a fully customizable indexed database.
  • A number of tutorial examples were added including basic examples built upon the basic examples from the « learn by yourself » section of the freefem documentation (membrane heat exchanger,…) or more advanced examples demonstrating advanced features such as parallel computing, mesh importation from gmsh, usage of deformable meshes,…
  • The website now shares programs used in 7 published research papers.
  • The manual was completed:
    Artifacts · makepdf (#1570798266) · Jobs · StabFem / StabFem · GitLab

We hope this will be useful for the community.

Best wishes to all !

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