StabFem (a Matlab/Octave interface to FreeFem)

Dear FreeFem developers & users.

We are happy to announce a new stable release of the StabFem project. StabFem is a Matlab/Octave interface to FreeFem which allows to launch your programs, manipulate and plot your results, store and explore your data for postprocessing, and eventually publish all your work on a dedicated website.
Initially developed for fluid instabiliy problems (hence the name), it has evolved into a generic interface which should allow to incorporate your own programs and adapt to your needs easily.

The website of the project, containing a number of examples, is here:

To undestand how it works, it is recommended to look at this simple tutorial example:

A manual is available here:

The project is maintained on gitlab and can be downloaded/cloned from here:

We hope it can be useful to the community. Do not hesitate to test and give us feedback.

Best wishes

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:+1: :+1: :+1: Nice work! thanks for sharing

Thanks to all developers.

It’s pretty useful. Tank you for your great job.

Thank you very much! It’s very useful for my research.