Hydrodynamic Stability Implementation in FreeFEM

I am trying to carry out 3-D hydrodynamic stability analysis of 2-dimensional lid-driven square cavity flow at Re = 200.

I have calculated the 2-dimensional base flow at Re=200 and validated the base flow results with existing literature.

I would like to calculate the eigenvalues for the above-mentioned problem. I am not able to implement the stability analysis calculation in FreeFem.

There is a hydrodynamic stability problem implemented in ‘SLEPc-complex’ avaiable in FreeFem website.

I would like to implement my hydrodynamic stability code without any packages like SLEPc and PETSc. I am not able to find enough guidelines on implementation of hydrodynamic stability problem in FreeFem.

I would be extremely grateful if you please guide me on the implementation of hydrodynamic stability problem in FreeFem.

Looking forward to your kind reply. Thanks in advance.

Why not use SLEPc? You are free to reinvent the wheel, of course, but that’s a lot of effort for very little value, don’t you think?

I am running FreeFEM on Windows 10. ‘SLEPc-complex’ library is giving a lot of trouble and not working properly. So, I had to take the decision of working without ‘SLEPc-complex’ library.

It is working and extensively tested by our continuous integration workers. Are you using the latest release 4.7-1? What are the problems you are facing?

I just tried again right now on my machine. As you can see below, no problem whatsoever.

It also works in parallel, as you can see below.

So far what I have been able to figure out is that the problem is related to installation of ‘SLEPc-complex’ library on my system.

What problem? You say that it “doesn’t work”, without saying what is not working.

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Does that still happen with 4.7-1? You are using only version 4.6, so you should consider updating your installation, there is a link given above.
Are you using a freefem++.pref file? If so, what’s its content?
The list of prefix 'E:\FreeFem++\\.\' does not look OK to me.
Also, once you have updated, if there is still a problem, could you try to use "..\..\FreeFem++-mpi.exe" instead of "FreeFem++-mpi.exe"?