Yet another graphics interface for freefem, "datascope"

This may not look too impressive but I was amazed how easy it was to create
the plugin in the attached zip file. This is similar to the ffglut or medit stuff
except the graphics program is freestanding and can work with other stuff.
Its not really usable but I am using it while working 1D FD models.
Right now it supports linux fifo and udp connections to varying degrees.
I hate writing graphics code and this was an asbolute last resort but
I needed something lightweight and a uniform final solution for various real time
datamonitoring things like numerical algorithms. If you have a favorite
package that does something similar you may want to post it here
but in the meantime the ability to get a mesh out of FF so easily suggests the
interface is workable.
The pickture is the most recent 10 meshes superimposed on each other
which may useful in adaptive mesh analysis but I use it in 1 D oscilloscope
mode to watch FD convergence or lack thereof. (41.8 KB)

load.edp (418 Bytes)

Again, its not really usable but if there is interest I can put it on github.
It may be possible to adapt ffglut or medit to similar interface or maybe
it already supports it.

When I come back form my holiday in one week, I will try.