Plotting MeshL solutions,

I had a hard time figuring out how to do 1D plots in ff so I decided to
make that an early addition to datascope.
The plugin and edp are inhere, (23.7 KB)
the code is a mess and the example not “minimal” but it illustrates the issue
of an indefinite number of fespace solutions overplotted on each other.

Datascope produced this primitive but useful output,

I did note during coding you guys made some clever use of numeric types
and I had a hard time using “unsigned int” for an index.
In any case, I think I can clean this up and get done what I wanted in
1D and make it easy to monitor stuff now.

Is there some existing was to do 1D “oscilloscope” mode in ff 1D?

cat  load3line.edp 
load "msh3"
load "medit"
 load "mjm_dscope_freefem"

int nx=10;
int nx2=22;
int[int] lbe=[100,200]; // begin and end point labels 
meshL Th1=Sline(nx, [1.0*x],label=lbe);
meshL Th2=Sline(nx2, [.5+ .25*(x-.5)],label=lbe);
fespace Vh1(Th1,P1);
fespace Vh2(Th2,P1);
Vh1 u1x=x;
Vh1 u1=(x>.5)?1:0;
Vh2 u2x=x;
Vh2 u2;
matrix A=interpolate(Vh2,Vh1);
cout<<" u2 "<<endl;
// program will die before the que is sent lol. 
Vh1 a,b,c,d;
for(int ff=0; ff<100; ++ff)
real cc=1.0*ff/100.0;
for(int i=0; i<a[].n;  ++i)
real x=4.0*i/a[].n;
} //i 
mjmdscopeL(Th1,"somestirng ",a,b,c,d); // warning  do not forget () 

} // ff