GUI implementation

Hi everyone,
I am working with a student to implement a GUI, starting from one of my code in FreeFem++. Do you have any experience with a similar task? I know about Freefem-cs, so I suppose that a GUI in Freefem is possible.


Hi Nicola,

Although it is possible to use FreeFem++ as a library in any other code, it would be relatively difficult to deal with it in this manner. You can easily create an interface for your code by following the approach of FreeFem+±cs.

FreeFem++ -cs is an IDE, i.e it runs the user code in FreeFem++ (by saving the code temporarily somewhere and calling the FreeFem++ binary on it) and displays the results and messages to the user. As the name suggests (cs) they call this approach client and server (although it is rather a front-end and back-end approach), and you can do the same in any programming language that you want. You may create a GUI to collects some input from the user and stores them in the disk. You should modify your FreeFem++ code to read this data from that file and perform the computation. Then you call the FreeFem++ binary on your code and monitor its status and the error messages (which is almost possible for any OS and programming language of your choice), so they can be reported to the user.


I suggest you to have a look on Tanatloc (in the FreeFEM github repo backend & frontend) than will be probably the future graphical interface of FreeFEM.

This is mainly a NodeJS server with a Reat client (a lot of javascript).

The project is currently paused but should restart soon. You can play with it in this address (not sure that is fully functional)