Missing package for build - slepc-3.9.1.tar.gz

Hi all,

One of my users has asked me to build an older version of freefem (3.61) to try out an older script. I’ve quickly discovered that the download/getall script for that version points to sites that no longer exist.

I’ve found most of the 3rd party packages hosted at http://pkgs.freefem.org but I’m still missing slepc-3.9.1.tar.gz as the primary site for it ( http://slepc.upv.es) has been down for a few days.

Can anyone advise where I can find a copy of this package? A web search hasn’t revealed any promising candidates.


Here you go: https://gitlab.com/slepc/slepc/-/archive/v3.9.1/slepc-v3.9.1.tar.gz. You’ll probably have to adjust the MD5 hash from download/getall.

Many thanks - I’ve downloaded that and changed the md5sum entry in the getall script