Load gsl.dylib fail


I am using a mac and FreeFem 4.11 version.

When I load “gsl” I receive this error message:

   15 : load "gsl"
Load error: gsl
 dlerror : dlopen(/usr/local/lib/ff++/4.11/lib/gsl.dylib, 0x0002): tried: '/usr/local/lib/ff++/4.11/lib/gsl.dylib' (no such file)
list prefix: './' '/usr/local/lib/ff++/4.11/lib/' list suffix: '' , '.dylib'
  current line = 15
Load error : gsl

Are they missing files with the 4.11 release.

Thanks a lot,

Possibly , he see on the dmg file but on with arch amr or x86