Gsl loading issue under ffpp v.4.1 win


Did anybody - other than me - experience a problem with loading gsl in ffpp v.4.1 under win 10? No other loading issues are present just gsl. Seems more like a bug, since same code works with ffpp ver. 3.61.



Unfortunately, I had also a couple of problems with the Windows binaries of FreeFem++ 3.61. In fact, I think there are some compilation problems for Windows versions in each release.

For example, you may experience some difficulties in dealing with the parallel implementation of your code in Windows. I was unsuccessful to run my parallel code with Microsoft MPI. With Intel MPI, it had the problem of creating duplicate instances of the process instead of distributing the computation. The same code worked pretty well in Linux version of FreeFem++ with both Intel MPI and OpenMPI.

As I may remember, another problem that I had was related to the crashing of the program whenever it wanted to check the output mesh of TetGen (for a mesh adaptation process for example). The same code had no problem in a Linux environment (even inside a virtual machine on the same computer).

Thus, I think this sort of problems in Windows binaries of FF is expected. I’ve never had such problems in Linux version, in both precompiled versions and the versions I compiled myself.

I think I have correct i-this in version 4.2-1

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