Too many vertices when I apply the adaptmesh comand

Hello Freefem Users,

I’ve been trying to simulate iteratively a deformation of a rectangular geometry and readapting the mesh in order to avoid execution errors. However, I after a few iteration I still obtain an error message when I apply the adaptmesh:

Too many vertices on geometry 9825 >= 9000
Fatal error in the mesh generator 3
current line = 202
Meshing error: Bamg
number : 3,
Meshing error: Bamg
number : 3,
err code 5 , mpirank 0

Is there a way to solve this problem? I applied the refinement in those regions with better convergence

Ps: The mesh is initially refined at the corners in order to help the program to a better convergence.

Attached you have the .edp file and the .mesh file.

Test-2.edp (5.1 KB)
Deformation.mesh (712.9 KB)

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I think you should increase the maximum number of vertices when calling adaptmesh:

solid=adaptmesh(solid,dispx,dispy, hmin=h[].max*a, hmax=h[].max*b,nbvx=20000);

Please check out the parameters of adaptmesh in the documentation for further info.

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