A problem about adaptation

Dear all
Recently I want to use an adaptive mesh to solve the equations to compare with the finite element results we have done before. However, there is a problem with adapation mesh.The plot adaptation mesh code is as follows.

int sN=5,emx=2,enx;
ofstream error(“error.txt”);

error<<“Refined meshes”<<endl;
error<<"nx = “<<enx<<”; mx = "<<emx<<endl;

error<<“Errors under different norms”<<endl;
real[int] ErrL2(sN),ErrH1(sN),ErrH(sN),ConRateL2(sN-1),ConRateH1(sN-1),ConRateH(sN-1);
real[int] Mnx(sN),Mmx(sN);

for(int i=0; i<sN; i++)
Mnx(i) = enx;
Mmx(i) = emx;

cout<<"enx = “<<enx<<”; emx = "<<emx<<endl;
mesh Th=square(enx,emx,[x0+(x1-x0)*x,y0+(y1-y0)*y]);

fespace Vh1(Th,P1);
fespace Vh2(Th,HCT);

Vh1 zeta1, zeta2, eta1, eta2;
Vh2 [zeta3,zeta3x,zeta3y], [eta3,eta3x,eta3y];
Vh1 zeta0h1=0, zeta0h2=0,zeta00h1=0, zeta00h2=0, zeta1h1, zeta1h2,f00,f11,f0,f1,f2,zeta11h1=0,zeta11h2=0;
Vh2 [zeta0h3,zeta0h3x,zeta0h3y]=[0,0,0],[zeta00h3,zeta00h3x,zeta00h3y]=[0,0,0], [zeta1h3,zeta1h3x,zeta1h3y], [zeta11h3,zeta11h3x,zeta11h3y]=[0,0,0];
Vh1 euX,euY,euZ;

Vh1 bm11=-h/(aysqrt(a^2+h^2));
Vh1 bm22=0;
Vh1 bm12=0;
Vh1 bm21=0;

//time-depend flexural model-Newmark Schems

   solve flexural([zeta1,zeta2,zeta3,zeta3x,zeta3y],[eta1,eta2,eta3,eta3x,eta3y])=
- int2d(Th)(p3*eta3*sqrt(aa)) 
+ on(2,zeta1=0,zeta2=0,zeta3=0,zeta3x=0,zeta3y=0);

for (int j=0;j<3;j++)
real erro=0.001;
erro= erro/2;
} ;

emx = 2*emx;

we obtained the adaptation mesh based on the initial finite element mesh 102 204,408,8016 and 160*32 ,respectively. But the adaptation mesh seems not to be effected by the five initial finite element meshes. The adaptation mesh figures lists as follows:

Is there something I am missing about this?
Thank you so much for your help in advance, and have a good day!