Adapmesh and heat equation


I tried mesh adaptation procedure with a very simple heat equation and it seems something wrong with my basic heat problem. The geometry is a two layered wall junction and two Robin boundary conditions are prescribed as follow dn(T)=hs(T-Ts)

The heat simulation, before adaptation, is ok, but a simple mesh adapatation make the temperature field very strange.

Is there something wrong ?
Best regards.

PS : I can’t upload files (i’m a new user) but my msh and edp files can be found here


You have to interpolate your unknown function after the mesh adaptation. In your script, you have to add u = u; on line 43, before the second resolution of your problem.

I get this following message error while using adaptmesh with iso=true

Loop in forcing Egde AB
vertex A ([937742596,118936430],[8.3174,-12.5915]{0.014155,0.014155,[1,0]})
vertex B ([937742595,119852252],[8.3174,-12.5772]{0.0148936,0.0148936,[1,0]})
nb de swap 85132
nb of try swap too big = 10000002 greater than 1000000
vertex number 478134456 478134457
Fatal error in the mesh generator 990
current line = 68
Meshing error: Bamg
number : 990,
Meshing error: Bamg
number : 990,
err code 5 , mpirank 0

but the mesh file is ok.
using iso=false lead to a quite long computation and a very bad mesh.

I tried to use mmgmet and mmg but it seems that both alternive can’t refine the mesh ?

Best regards.