simply supported beam

Good day, I am trying to make a simulation of the elastic analysis of a steel beam simply supported with a point load in the program, to make the review with my teachers we observed that the data are fine, but not having experience in programming to run the program the beam is not deflected, we do not see that react to which it is subjected, I would like to support me or explain my mistake to understand more of the program.

Your integral -int2d(Th)(P*(x==L/2)*vv) is not seen during the computation since the set where x==L/2 has zero area.
Instead you can define a line
border gammaload(t=0.,1.){x=0.5*L;y=t*H;label=5;};
and integrate on it as int1d
This gives
beam.edp (1.1 KB)
I have put zero displacement on the left and right boundaries.