Savevtk for meshS and hpddm

Dear all,

It seems that savevtk does not work for meshS type with hpddm

See for example:

macro dimension()3S// EOM
macro def(u)u// EOM
func Pk = P2;
include “macro_ddm.idp”;
load “hpddm”;
mesh Th0 = square(100,100,[x,y]);
meshS Th=movemesh23(Th0,transfo=[x,y,0]);
fespace Wh(Th, Pk);
real[int] D; createPartition(Th, D, Pk)
Wh w; w = D;
int[int] fforder = [1];
savevtk(“createPartition.vtu”, Th, w, dataname = " w", order = fforder);

This generates the following error

The same code however works fine for serial code (see for example test-serial.edp)

Is there a special command for this?
Thank you!

It’s not implemented in plugin/seq/iovtk.cpp (search for occurrences of COMMON_HPDDM_PARALLEL_IO and MeshS. Feel free to submit a merge request, I’d be happy to review it.