Savevtk() after load "PETSc"

Hello FreeFEM community,

After adding load "PETSc" to a script, the functionality of savevtk is overloaded to support parallel I/O (.pvd/.pvtu files).

If I have assembled the global mesh/solution on one process, is it possible to force savevtk to output a normal, global .vtu file?


I use the following for the global solution: savevtk(...,communicator = mpiCommSelf);
This also produced .pvd and .pvtu files, but only a single .vtu file.

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Thanks, @aszaboa, that works. It would be nice if was another way to avoid the extra output (and generate a .vtu file with the actual name I give in the argument to savevtk), but I guess it’s easy to hack around that :wink:

Just load "iovtk" before load "PETSc".

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