MS MPI V7 no longer archived

Dear FreeFEM community,

FYI, MS MPI V7 is no longer available in the MS download center. Any solutions?

/Fotios Kasolis

I will try to use the next version of MPI of windows.

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Thanks much for all the effort.

Best regards

We are able to build a Windows version with MPI but
MUMPS and HPDDM traps due to problem in fortran library.
missing symbole).

To day I have no solution to use fortran / MSMPI v 10 for mumps.

if you do not need MUMPS with MPI the version is OK.

we can build a version of HPDDM without MUMPS ???
Frederic Hecht.

Dear @frederichecht

My remark was mostly informative regarding the status of MPI support. I mostly code sequential in FreeFEM, since it provides my reference solutions. One PhD student is supposed to work with ffddm, and I was hopping to be able to check his code without switching my platform. To conclude and simplify, it is not a real issue for me since I have access to all platforms. It is just for the continuity of the extension of FreeFEM itself. Thanks for checking the current status of feasibility.