I have installed MPI on windows, but freefem + + - mpi.exe runs the following program to remind errors and flash back。
cavityNewtow-MUMPS.edp (3.8 KB)

cavityNewtow-MUMPS.log (1.2 KB)

Call Microsoft MPI \ bin \ mpiexec.exe with CMD command Exe, saying that this version is not applicable to windows10,why?

I don’t no we this do not work, you can try to launch a try a trivial mpi program to test yours mpi installation.

Hello, I have successfully installed MSMPI, cmd can check the installation path of MSMPI, but the program still fails to run。

The commande is like:

C:\>"Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\mpiexec.exe" -n <nbProcs> C:\>"Program Files (x86)\FreeFem++\FreeFem++-mpi.exe" <myParallelScript.edp>

and FreeFem+±mpi.exe is fondamental!!!

Hi, the following command was entered in cmd,
C:>“Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\mpiexec.exe” -n 1 C:>“Program Files (x86)\FreeFem++\FreeFem+±mpi.exe” LaplaceRT-3d-matrix-mumps.edp, the result of this command is access denied. However, the following command
C:>“Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\mpiexec.exe” -n 1strong text “Program Files (x86)\FreeFem++\FreeFem+±mpi.exe” LaplaceRT-3d-matrix-mumps.edp
will be
job aborted:
[ranks] message

[0] process exited without calling finalize

---- error analysis -----

[0] on DESKTOP-R7LC60K
Program Files (x86)\FreeFem++\FreeFem+±mpi.exe ended prematurely and may have crashed. exit code 3

“FreeFem+±mpi.exe” ,is this system suitable for win10 (x64)? Always prompt that the version is not appropriate.