Windows: Cannot run ff-mpirun


I cannot seem to run ff-mpirun on command line. The files ff-mpirun and FreeFem+±mpi.exe are all present in the folder. Although I can run the parallel codes by replacing “ff-mpirun” by “FreeFem+±mpi”, it doesn’t seem to create multiple processes as expected.

Am I missing something during installation?

Thank you for the help

Robin Pham

I need help to build a windows script to do the same think.

You can not use ff-mpirun on Windows (this is an Unix script). You should use something like:

mpiexec.exe -np 4 FreeFrem++-mpi.exe file.edp
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This command does create multiple processes, however, it seems to just create copies of the same process. I ran it with this code on github for example (8 processes), it creates 8 plots of the same mesh, all of them is Mesh Partition #1. I tested changing the number of processes, and they took the same time to solve.

I don’t know how it supposed to look like when run correctly… is it supposed to be plotting Partition #1, #2, #3, up to #8 ?

I do not know what this code does, could you try on to see if you have the same behavior ?


Nvm, I found my problem. It was using the mpiexec of Open Mpi instead of Microsoft Mpi. I uninstalled Open Mpi and now everything is running again. Sorry.

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