Importing Mesh Issue with Orientation

Hi everyone,

I am getting this error when I import my mesh from gmsh and I can’t figure out how to address it. Any explanations or direction would be appreciated!

with code:

load "msh3"
mesh3 Th("Attempt2v1.mesh");

I get the error:

Mesh3::meshS, num Triangles:= 76, num Vertice:= 40 num boundary Edges:= 36
 Bad orientation: The adj border element  defined by [  0 2 ]  is oriented in the same direction in element 72 and in the element 0 ****** bug in mesh construction? orientation parameter?

The .mesh file is attached.

Attempt2v1.mesh (5.8 KB)

See Bad orientation - #3 by prj.

Thank you @prj, you are a pro!