Bad orientation using BuildDmesh

I am trying to import a mesh file (.mesh) generated in Gmsh (starting from a .step file).
In the post Bad orientation, @prj proposed to use

lockOrientation = false;
mesh3 Th("d.mesh");
lockOrientation = true;
mesh3 renumbered = Th;

Adding this to my code, the import works, but when trying to use BuildDmesh(Th), the following error is displayed:

Build meshS from mesh3 ...
Bad orientation: The adj border element  defined by [  2044 2045 ]  is oriented in the same direction in element 22090 and in the element 3392 ****** bug in mesh construction? orientation parameter?

Is it correct to call BuildDmesh on Th or rather on renumbered? What is the exact difference between the two? I would appreciate any input, thanks in advance!

Could you please share your mesh?