Fail test at install Richard.edp


I have installed freefem according to Installation guide on ubuntu 18.04 and I have a fail after make -j 16 check :
FAIL: Richard.edp
I don’t know whether this is really really bad or if one can work in such a configuration - for educational purposes right now, and possibly research in the future ?

Any help would be much appreciated !


Richard.edp is inside folder examples/misc/
Can you finish the installation (with the next step sudo make install) and then run ff++ on the particular file?
Try both with and without graphics:

> Freefem++ Richard.edp
> Freefem++-nw Richard.edp

On my 20.04 Ubuntu installation the first execution fails. The trouble comes from the plot() command on line 120. Just change that line to


and the script will run smoothly.
[The problem comes from isoline plotting]

Thank you so much Vincent, works like a charm !!!