Error while installing FreeFEM++ 4.12 in debian 11

I get 4 failed tests in my debian 11 machine in the end and it exits with an error message:
FAIL: LaplaceRT-3d.edp
FAIL: periodic3.edp
FAIL: LapDG3d.edp
FAIL: Elasticity-simple-support-BC.edp
Can somebody give me some leads on how to fix this?
I don’t get the same errors on a mint machine though. It passes all tests.

Thank you!

Could you try with the develop branch maybe?

you can also see and sendto us the edp.log

I tried, but it did not help.

I’m not able to upload any documents and the last time I gave the link of the edp file, my post got flagged and then removed. What should I do?

You should now be able to upload files.

Thanks! These are the edp.log of the four failed examples.
LapDG3d.edp.log (3.0 KB)
Elasticity-simple-support-BC.edp.log (3.4 KB)
LaplaceRT-3d.edp.log (10.4 KB)
periodic3.edp.log (8.6 KB)

I never see this error,
I think, your installation is no standard, your bias or the sparse lib is bad !

Sorry, I can not say why!.