Compiltion errors on Centos 7


I am trying to install FreeFem v4.8 on Centos 7 following this guide Installation guide section “Compilation on Ubuntu”.

I have found errors in step 6 with command “make petsc-slepc”:

Can you help me please?

Thank you.

Can you help me please?

Definitely, this is a rather common error. However, I don’t remember the easiest way to fix this. Could you please send the file petsc-3.14.2/configure.log?

Also, I think you should be able to fix this by editing 3rdparty/ff-petsc/Makefile and adding the flag -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L to COPTFLAGS there.

Then, simply make petsc-slepc again.

Thank you very much for your quickly request, but now I have found a new error:

Where is your configure.log that I asked for earlier? I can’t help you without. You can remove --download-superlu from 3rdparty/ff-petsc/Makefile.

Sorry but when I try to attach my log the web tells me that new users cannot attach :frowning:

Thank you.

OK, sorry about that. Is it working when you remove --download-superlu?

Superlu appears on several lines (lines 53, 69, 105, 106, 121, 226, 267, 268), do I have to delete all lines?

You can download my configue.log file at the following link configure.log - Google Drive

Thank you.

I told you to remove --download-superlu, how do you see --download-superlu lines 226, 267 or 268?

I have remove --download-superlu and now I have found more errors:

Thank you.

You can remove that line. Your system is very old, I’d suggest you update to a newer OS.

Thank you but now I have found errors when do make (step 7 on Installation guide).


I have checked Makefile and I have found -fPIC option on serveral lines.

OK, you’ll need to edit config.param and add the lines:


Then, ./reconfigure && make should do the trick.

Thank you,

now, when I have executed the command “make check” I get:

Yes, that is to be expected since Mmg is disabled. You can skip that directory, and maybe try cd examples/mpi && make check or cd examples/hpddm && make check. But it looks good.

Thank you very much for all the help you have given me, I think the installation has finally completed successfully.

Good. No problem, thank you for your patience :smiley:

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Hi prj,

This is helpful, thank you. Is there any plan to release a Docker image with FreeFEM++ compiled for CentOS 7?

Many thanks.

I’m not really sure what you are asking for, but there is a Docker image at Docker Hub.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I noticed that the Dockerfile uses Ubuntu as a base layer. My use-case requires having CentOS 7 as a base layer, so that additional applications only available for CentOS 7 can also be installed inside the same Docker container. Ideally, I would use a FreeFEM++ Docker image (with CentOS 7) as a base layer in my own Dockerfile where I would include these additional applications.

It seems like this would be possible to do by adapting the current Dockerfile, and would involve necessary changes to compile FreeFEM++ in CentOS 7. Is this something that might be made available? Or would it be something rather that a user could contribute?