Additive Manufacturing Modeling

Hello everyone,
I am very new to FEM programs and am currently trying to study the process of additive manufacturing of metals. Ultimately, I am trying to have a multi physics solver that is able to model the thermal properties, as well as the mechanical properties of the additive manufacturing process of powder bed fusion. However, as mentioned before I am new to all of this and only have limited experience with C++. Any kind of help in terms of where to start or which functions of the software to use would be appreciated and helpful. I am a little overwhelmed with the complexity of the issue.
Thank you for your time.


Hi Stephan,
I am working on different additive manufacturing models. In FreeFEM I have some modified inherent strain models for the layerwise build-up and i am working on some other fluid models of the meltpool. If you are still interested in this topic you can contact me.