Request software data information

Dear community,

I am a mechanical engineering student at RPTU and currently writing my master thesis in the field of topology optimization.

Within the scope of the work, I would like to mention detailed information about your software “FreeFEM” and therefore kindly ask you to support the following points:

  • Does the software provide special geometry features like mesh repair, parametric modelling, smoothing, wireframe modelling or of another kind?
  • Are there any Reverse-Engineering capabilities like point cloud import, mesh processing tools, creation of parametric models or of another kind?
  • Is some sort of consideration for additive manufacturing provided? E.g. Lattice, overhang(angle) constraint, part orientation, support structure generation, feature size constraint…
  • Is there interpretation as “feature recognition, form detection, profile-recognition, symmetry recognition, freeform surface recognition or of another kind?
  • Is the basic modelling technology Bezier, NURBS, B-Rep, CSG or of another kind?

I would really appreciate your support and look forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Cyrill