What is the relationship between this code and libmesh?

I had to get the complex petsc to install which was quite a task and I noticed
libmesh is contained in the 3rd party stuff. I had played with this before
to learn some FEM and thought it was an alrternative that I may revert
to later. Does this use libmesh for the real work? lol.

find -name “libmesh

This is GitHub - LoicMarechal/libMeshb: A library to handle the *.meshb file format., not https://libmesh.github.io, just look at the files…

Oh, sorry I’ve been looking at too much code… : ) I thought that was libmesh as in this lol,



It does look like there is a libmesh included somewhere but I’ll
need to look later. My cmake was too old and everyone seems to have
different MPI - ihave openmpi and mpic++ and probably others…
It looks like it is passing most build tests again but still not out of the woods :slight_smile: