not in FF4.4.3 deb

Dear all,
Is it a known or an intended fact that the binary FreeFEM_4.4-3_Ubuntu_18.04_amd64.deb does not contain PETSc shared library? The following returns nothing and load “PETSc” fails.

dpkg -c ./FreeFEM_4.4-3_Ubuntu_18.04_amd64.deb | grep

Is it possible to make it available, without compiling the sources?


There is a discussion right now on GitHub which is somehow related. Currently, the .deb is built using --enable-download, disregarding what is already installed on the system of the user. What should be done, but I’m no expert, so it would be best if we discuss about this on GitHub, is to do some kind of apt-get install freefem_dependencies (including PETSc) so that then it can be deployed properly. It should not be a problem to include PETSc plugins in current images, but this is not the proper way going forward.

I’ve pushed a commit which may make PETSc available within the .deb, we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for the information.


Dear user,

A new release with PETSc 3.12.3 is available here

Can you give your feedback please