SVDSolve with two matrices (generalized SVD)


I am wondering if one can use SVDSolve(...) with two matrices? Something similar to EPSSolve(J,M,...) for generalized eigenvalue problems.

From SLEPc’s documentation it seems that it’s possible (e.g. here), but is it implemented in FF? If yes, what is the correct syntax? Is there any example available?

Thank you in advance!

It is currently not interfaced, but should not require too much work to get it working.

Thank you for the prompt reply. That would be wonderful! Would you be able to estimate, by any chance, when you can find time to do the interfacing?

Not in the foreseeable future, but I’d be happy to review a GitHub pull request.

I see. I don’t think I am qualified to do it myself, but hopefully someone can contribute?

Should I open a new topic in the “Feature request” category?

I think it’s fine if you leave it there. You are the only one who has requested this thus far, so the only probable candidate for this contribution would be… you :slight_smile:
For sure, if there is not a single exemple that could be used to check the code/interface, it’s very unlikely that I will ever do it. So at the very least you should share a .edp doing all the necessary work, with just the call to SVDSolve() being commented out (otherwise the parser will complain that the call is not right).