[SOLVED] Savemesh to save mesh under binary format


I attended last week the expert tutorial during the FreeFem Days. As far as I understood, Pierre Jolivet explained that mesh can be saved under a binary format if the following line is put in a script:

savemesh(Th, myFile.meshb);

When I do so, FreeFem creates two formatted files : myFile.meshb and myFile.meshb.gmsh. Is there a specific include or load to add in order to actually save the under a binary format.



That’s because your are probably saving a 2D mesh, and I explicitly said that the binary format only works for 3D meshes :smiley:

Ooops, bad bad me I did not listen correctly :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your answer (and for the nice tutorial).


No worries :smile: and thank you for the kind and encouraging message.