Solve Coupled Partial differential equations

Hello dear community, I am new to FreeFEM. I have managed to solve single PDEs but now I would like to proceed with coupled ones. I have not yet found documentation related. can anyone help me in this regard? Thank you

Take a look at the examples:

As a newcomer to FEM in general, although I’ve played with it in the past not
actually accomplished much, I found some specific things useful.
Maybe someone wants to comment on my comments as I may have made
some simple blunders here.

I guess some of the bilpaplacian examples are very simple and illustrative
at least the ones that turn u_{xxxx} into two equations.

`FreeFem-sources-master/examples$ find -name "*.edp" | grep -i bilap

For example AFAICT this  creates a new variable uu as the laplacian of
u and then indicates the coupling by the test functions. 

solve bilap([u,uu],[v,vv],solver=sparsesolver,eps=1.0e-6) =
int2d(Th)( laplacien(u,vv)+uu*vv // - Delta u + uu =0 (vv)
+ laplacien(uu,v) ) // - Delta uu = 1 (v)

  • int2d(Th)(f*v)
  • on(1,2,3,4,u=0); // => v=0 also on 1,2,3,4

Any "solve" line
with vector notation ( that should grep ) may be helpful. 

grep solve find -name "*.edp" | grep “[”| wc

grep varf find -name "*.edp" | grep “[”| wc

In doing diffusion of several species that can change into each other (
one species enzymatically converts a second specieis stoichiometirically
into a third  ) I set up a bunch of varfs and made a composite matrix
with the matrix from each varf as the diagonal blocks. The the coupling
was going to go on the  off diagonal blocks.  However for now I'm just
time stepping doing FD in home made code. 


Thank you very much for your help marchywka