How to solve Couples system of equations in FreeFem++

Can you please help regarding how to solve couples system of equation in Freefem++ like Cahn-Hilliard equation involving non-linear terms. I have tried but showing error.

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Hello @Monirul25 :blush:
As per my knowleadge to solve a coupled system of equations like the Cahn-Hilliard equation involving non-linear terms in FreeFEM++:
Here are a some steps and considerations to help you resolve the error.

  • You can Double check the syntax of your FreeFEM++ script for any errors.
  • You can Use an appropriate non-linear solver like newton, picard, or broyden.
  • Ensure your boundary conditions are correctly defined.
  • Verify your initial conditions match the problem setup.
  • Review error messages for clues.
  • Consult the FreeFEM++ documentation and relevant examples for guidance.

Hope this will help you :grinning:

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