Segmentation fault due to fill=false option in plots

Dear all I think I spotted an error in the plot command when using the option fill=false.

My FreeFem is the latest version installed from the develop branch, on Ubuntu 20.04. I tested this on two different machines. Does anyone has the same error with the following code?

mesh Th=square(10,10,[x,y]);
fespace Vh(Th,P2);
Vh f = x*y;
plot(f,wait=true,fill=false,cmm=“not ok”);
cout << “finished” << endl;

No problem on my end.

  -- Square mesh : nb vertices  =121 ,  nb triangles = 200 ,  nb boundary edges 40
times: compile 0.005737s, execution 0.003363s,  mpirank:0
 CodeAlloc : nb ptr  3602,  size :461560 mpirank: 0
Ok: Normal End

Maybe something off with OpenGL though, I’ve only tested this on my macOS machine.