Segmentation error with fine mesh (5.7 KB)

Hello all,
I have the following mesh. When I try to open it like this:

mesh Th1=gmshload("Plane_5.msh");

I get the following errror:

Assertion fail : (area > 0) line :303, in file ../seq/include/fem.hpp Assertion fail : (area > 0) line :303, in file ../seq/include/fem.hpp err code 6 , mpirank 0
This error happens only when the mesh is refined. Indeed, if I consider coarser elements, this problem does not occur.

Could someone help to understand what is the problem ?

Thank you in advance,

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I attach also the same mesh with coarser elements. (3.6 KB)

I have no problem to open this one.

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Are you sure about your mesh?

load "PETSc"
DM dm("Plane_5.msh");
mesh Th = dm;
fespace Vh(Th, P1);
Vh u = x + y;

The second mesh looks better, no weird corner on the bottom left.

Hello @prj ,

Thank you for this vizualization.
I see my error now, the weird corner on the bottom left should not be there.

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