Error in plotting the mesh file generated from gmsh


I have created an airfoil geometry in SolidWorks and meshed it in gmsh. When I tried to plot in FreeFEM++4.12 version (Later i will solve for 3D elasticity problem), it is showing Error. Code is written below:

load “msh3”

string meshFileName = “snlwindpact_testn.mesh”;
mesh3 Mesh = readmesh3(meshFileName);
plot(Mesh, wait=1);

Output log file is below:

read mesh ok 0Mesh3, num Tetra:= 0, num Vertice:= 9047 num boundary Triangles:=
– Mesh3 : snlwindpact_testn.mesh, space dimension 3, num Tetrahedron elts 0,
num Vertice 9047 num Bordary elts 18096
ERROR!!! The old SURFACE mesh3 is obsolete, please use meshS type
Assertion fail : (0)
line :1054, in file …/femlib/Mesh3dn.cpp
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘ErrorAssert’
what(): Assertion fail : (0)
line :1054, in file …/femlib/Mesh3dn.cpp

According to your output there are zero tetrahedra in your mesh. That’s probably not what you intended, right? Check your mesh generation.

Thank you henkel. I will recreate the mesh.