Segfault with cube(50,50,150)

Dear FreeFEM developpers,

I noticed I have a segfault with the last version d65848cee66a (branch develop) when I try to create a rather (moderately) large mesh

load "msh3"
load "medit";

mesh3 Th = cube(50, 50, 150, [x,y,z*6.0]);

The following code returns

Enter: BuildCube: 6
    kind = 6 n tet Cube = 6 / n slip 6 70
Cube  nv=392751 nt=2250000 nbe=70000
Out:  BuildCube
Segmentation fault

It doesn’t seem to be a memory problem because I have runs on larger meshes.


Dear Florian,

Thanks for this report, it’s corrected on the branch develop (