Savesol readsol for P2 FE fields?

Hi to all,
I guess this is a question to Frédéric Hetch or close collaborators :

The documentation only describe order=0 and order=1 options for saving a field with savesol and all examples I have seen only do it for P1 FE fields. I have tested savesol readsol for P1 fields and it works fine. However, for P2 fields, even if the option order=2 is accepted there is a MISSING DATA warning when executing and readsol does not work properly.

Is there some project to extend savesol readsol funcitons for P2 FE fields ?

Dear User,

The savsol, is make to do graphic, not really to save the solution.

The best way to save the solution is

  1. save the mesh ( do not rebuild because if you change of machin the risk to get a different mesh is important)
  2. save the array of dof


  1. read les mesh
  2. def. the finite element space ( Generally you know it, but it is impossible to make a generic code)
  3. read the solution

remark, if you want the know the dof numbing, you can save the numbering by element