Representaion d'une fonction

Bonjour, J’aimerai savoir comment représenter une fonction f(x) en fonction de x dans Freefem?

Pour une fonction dépendant de deux variables f(x, t) comment représenter cette fonction f en fonction de x et de t ?
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I have translated your passage through google translate and my answer might not be the thing you required. By the way, defining a function is as follows:

func real f(real x,real t)
real temp=x+t;
return temp;

Hope it helps you.

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How do you plot a function f dependent on two variable x and t with the help of variable x only on Freefem?

How do you plot a function f(x,y) with the help of variable x and y on Freefem?

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Can you be more specific about what kind of plot you want?

In answer to your second question, here’s a code to plot a function f(x,y).

int L = 20;
int H = 10;

int nn = 2;
int nnL = nn*L;
int nnH = nn*H;
mesh Th = square(L,H,[x*nnL,y*nnH]);

func Myfunc = x+y;
fespace SpaceP1(Th,P1);

SpaceP1 u0 = Myfunc;

plot(u0,value = true,wait = true, fill = true);

Are you satisfied with the plot obtained ?